Two remote sensing antennas mounted in a snowy field pointed at a beautiful, blue streaky sky

Hundreds of remote sensing systems delivered from pole to pole

At Viasat, we design, integrate, and deliver high-performance, full-motion tracking ground stations for remote sensing, telemetry, data link, TT&C, and satellite communications markets. We maximize operational efficiencies with a focus on total cost of ownership.

  • 3.7m to 13.5m apertures
  • UHF to Ka bands
  • Uniquely suited to LEO satellite tracking
  • Unparalleled performance using integrated tracking feeds
  • High-data rate modem integration
  • Advanced monitoring and control software 
Aerial view of chunks of ice floating in the arctic

Viasat’s antenna integration capabilities lead to greater performance

Our long heritage in antennas and expertise as a leading satellite operator uniquely position Viasat to deliver some of the most vertically-integrated antenna systems and support available. The result is more efficient implementation, multi-mission support, and the reassurance of working with an end-to-end provider.

  • Integrated antenna design for quick installation
  • Civils and facility design services
  • Data protection with secure information assurance and cybersecurity
  • Post-warranty support
  • High-rate Receiver 800 datasheet

    .pdf (311 KB)

  • High-rate Receiver 1200 datasheet

    .pdf (566 KB)

  • High-rate Receiver 3200 datasheet

    .pdf (433 KB)

  • Antenna Systems Data Processor datasheet

    .pdf (181 KB)

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Polar region photo courtesy of: FMI/Matias Takala