A full portfolio of integrated digital transformation services

Viasat Energy Services delivers integrated technology services to customers seeking a competitive advantage through digital transformation.

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Systems integration and automation

Viasat’s system integration team develops custom designed and developed telecommunication, security and safety solutions that are engineered, assembled and tested by our personnel. Each project is developed with a focus on eliminating the complexity and difficulties that may occur during planning, development and implementation. Viasat’s SI team provides internal and external project scheduling, budget planning and coordination to eliminate any issues over the project life cycle.

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Managed comms

Viasat’s managed communication services are designed to meet our clients current and future communication and collaboration needs globally. We offer intelligent and reliable solutions, enabling our clients to benefit fully from digital transformation. Viasat’s telecommunication offerings provide fast, secure sharing of critical real-time data, voice and video to remote sites all over the world. 

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Offering an integrated cyber offering tailored to improve data and system security  by providing real-time threat detection, network visualization, and advanced investigative capabilities.

Viasat enables customers to work with a single vendor to augment their existing cybersecurity personnel, while our managed security services defend and protect all phases of a device or application lifecycle. 


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Apps and IIoT

Viasat offers a suite of Over-The-Top (OTT) products and solutions focused on improving safety, minimizing risk, increasing efficiency and productivity, and providing for crew welfare. Our portfolio offers a range of connectivity solutions to address all environmental, infrastructure, and data needs across the globe. From low data rate message-based services to high data rate fixed ruggedized comms, our Apps and IIoT solutions ensure whatever the application, the connectivity solution offers the best quality performance, regardless of location.

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Intelie by Viasat

Viasat offers a complete Operational AI platform that helps organizations transform data into results using advanced machine-learning based real-time analytics.  Intelie enables organizations to realize the value in their operations by augmenting their teams with critical real-time intelligence.