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Delivering a dynamic media experience, so taking off never means missing out

Viasat’s unified media solutions combine the best of stored content, live inflight TV, and streaming services to engage passengers from take off to touch down.

Inflight streaming content

Viasat works with leading streaming providers to optimize delivery of over-the-air content and deliver an at-home streaming experience to passengers in-flight. Viasat connectivity can support bring-your-own license access, traditional license, or sponsored access models to work with a variety of airline business models.

Live television

Viasat Live TV delivers real-time broadcast content over-the-air on the world’s highest capacity satellite network. Airlines can select from the most popular news, sports, and entertainment channels to provide a lean-back inflight TV experience that delights passengers on Viasat connected aircrafts.

On-demand content

Viasat’s Wireless In-flight Entertainment (W-IFE) system delivers a curated selection of on-demand content delivered in a contemporary, streaming-style interface. Viasat W-IFE is an end-to-end entertainment solution for airlines, supporting every part of the delivery process, from content management and quality assurance to captivating your in-flight audience.

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No touch updates

Viasat’s high-capacity connectivity enables frequent, over-the-air media updates helping you keep your content fresh and your passengers engaged. Whether you are adding new channels to your TV line-up or new movie titles to your stored content library, updates are delivered seamlessly over-the-air on Viasat’s high-capacity network.

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